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Join Charter Link Alliance if you care about your consumers

At Charter Link we believe in love and trust. We hold strong relationships with our brand partners, like the long-lasting partnership with our first brand partner that was introduced 20 years ago. While respecting their designs and requirements, we always take it one step further through sharing our thoughts such as the selection of fabrics as well as suggestions to improve fit.

With the common goal of crafting the best garments for the end-user, we work closely with each strategic partner. Through innovative processes varying from technology implementation and textile innovation to product uplifting, our goal is to help our brand partners continue to grow and thrive.

We love our people and the places we live

Realizing that our staff spends a great deal of their time at Charter Link, that is why we provide a pleasant and ethical workplace so they can embody the culture of respecting and trusting one another like family.

Furthermore, we believe deeply in giving back to the local communities by elevating it to a better place than it was prior to Charter Link’s appearance.